This fall, Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Colleges of the Fenway will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Shelley’s masterpiece, with opportunities to perform, create, build, listen and learn.  

Every field of study can engage with this text, from robotics to bioethics to the visual arts.  Explore the festival’s site and discover its strong focus on student work—in the classroom, lab, studio, and beyond. Across a wide variety of media and platforms, presentations can range from science and technology (engineering, genetics, artificial intelligence) to social concerns (feminism, the plight of the refugee, Shelley’s vision of the family) to literary and cultural interpretation.  

Keep in mind that student work is not required to engage directly with the novel as long as it activates one of the many themes or topics presented in Frankenstein, from polar exploration to electrification to remaking the body. 

Frankenstein asks, 

What makes us human?   How do we respond to difference?  Can we accept responsibility for the things we set in motion? 

Through films, distinguished speakers—and even the FrankenBash on Saturday night—we’ll experience just how deeply our culture is infused with the Frankenstein myth.  As a multi-disciplinary community, we’ll challenge ourselves to revitalize Shelley’s classic and its themes. 

Students, clubs, faculty, and staff: watch the EVENTS tabs for ways to participate.  See especially-- 

Student Spoken Word Event Call for Submissions (deadline Oct. 1)

Student Showcase and Poster Session Call for Submissions (deadline Oct. 1)

Four Ways to Fest: